"The Light of Soul is Always at the Heart of the Matter"

Jewels is an instrument of Spirit; a natural medium & intuitive visionary artisan since childhood.

Adept in a plethora of Energy work, Reiki Master & Spiritual Life Coach, facilitating accurate reassuring guidance. 

Divination comes from ones own Divine Source Self. A connection with the Divine Light which ALL have access to.  Trusting your inner being, the light of your own soul & intuitive sense can bring insight to daily living.  Sometimes we need a gentle nudge to assist us on our life path, Soul to Soul mentoring, personalised readings or enhanced intuitive development can shine light as we journey forwards.  In fact anything that touches & inspires our soul through love, can have a positive effect & enhance our wellbeing & personal growth.

My own journey, here on earth, has continued to evolve much the same as many, peppered with profound love, joy, loss & grief. This world...Our playground of exploration & learning somewhat enhanced with the nurturing guidance of  "spirit friends" ...aiding in the navigation of  life lessons & experiences to fulfil my truest potential in all of its wisdom... one day at a time. 

And it is this, my life's yearning & soul learning, the creative force of my spiritual being expressed through humanness, I share in the Light with Love. 


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Working Within

Thoughts & Testimonials

Working Within


Inspiring the soul & spirit connection


Thoughts & Testimonials

Working Within


Honouring the creative process

Thoughts & Testimonials

Thoughts & Testimonials

Thoughts & Testimonials


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Divine Divination

Thoughts & Testimonials


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Divine Divination

Divine Divination

Divine Divination


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Divine Divination

Divine Divination


It's not the Cha Cha 

Light Of Jewels™


Confidentiality Assured.

All services are carried out in an ethical & confidential manner, over 18's only. Therefore personal details, inc. emails & phone numbers are never disclosed to any third parties. 

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Monday - Sunday: By Appointment Only. 

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By participating in any "guidance" services herein, due to new laws I have to state these are for entertainment purposes only & open to over 18's.  Whilst I hold beliefs in higher spirit connections each personalised connection provides no guarantees, implies no such warranties or assurances of any kind. Remember nothing is set in stone - each of us is born with free will, the choice to choose our own path & change direction if we so wish. Information given is for your personal interpretation & discernment . Any actions thereto is purely the recipients responsibility. Energy work can be a valuable complimentary addition to your own well-being, I am not a medical practitioner, do not diagnose & any health concerns you may have must foremost be treated by your own GP. 


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